is this one of your earth jokes?, Real life updates below the cut…! [[MORE]]So in...

Real life updates below the cut…!

So in the positive column, my mom is going to make me an appointment hopefully today about seeing what kind of meds are available so I can get my shit under control. Which means that should get worked out within this month, and then I’ll be able to do things properly??? 

Also, we have come to a family consensus that my headphones problem (I have a trend of breaking headphones. I’m not especially rough with them, as far as I’m aware, but I’ve never had a pair of headphones last more than a month before one side cuts out.) would be resolved by purchasing bluetooth ‘phones. My mom thinks I probably pull on/fiddle with the cord without realising. 

However, bluetooth headphones cost about 70, and I do not have that kind of money >:[
(But if I hadn’t been buying 
€20 headphones every few weeks for the past four months, I would.)

So now I have to write an essay and do some trig and study some art history, so maybe I’ll be allowed to be productive?

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